Review: Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse

I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. Every year I’ve been forced to buy new clothes as my weight slowly increased. At first I was in denial but when I received an invitation for my high school reunion and saw a picture of me I hardly recognized myself. I decided something had to change. For the past couple of years, I’ve been on every diet imaginable.Some diets worked for short periods of time, most of them just got rid of water and I was soon back at the same weight or heavier! All of the diets left me feeling hungry and tired and most importantly – overweight.

I almost gave up trying to lose weight. In fact, I was sick of feeling lousy and hungry all the time. I don’t have the free time to go to the gym as if that’s the simple solution. I’m so busy with work that I barely have any energy at the end of the day. I don’t know how other people do it!

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One day I was watching a famous tv show and they were doing a program on a weight loss supplement that works. At this point I was ready to try anything. Regular doctors just repeated the same old broken record: exercise more, eat less. This was clearly not working.

The natural supplement that they recommended is a herbal compound garcinia cambogia. I loved the idea of an all natural solution to help me lose weight. After hours of research online,  the best option I found is a 2-step program called Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse.


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I’ll admit I was very skeptical at the beginning. I had been disappointed by so many diets. I was scared to try something new and fail again. But the idea of losing weight and feeling good meant so much to me I knew I had to try it.

This brand seemed to be the best choice by far for the following compelling reasons:

  • They only use the pure active ingredient in their supplement
  • They are an American company with high quality standards
  • They fully stand behind their product even offering a satisfaction guarantee
  • They have amazing testimonials of real life satisfied customers just like me who have achieved their weight loss goals

The best part was that there was no risk involved. They are so confident in their product that they have a


I decided to buy Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse and was excited to see the results.

Let’s review what is inside Pure Cambogia Ultra:

It’s made from a herbal compound known as garcinia gummi-gutta which is an extract from a fruit native to Southeast Asia, India and Africa. The fruit looks like a small pumpkin which is green in color and is often used in Asian dishes for it’s delicious sour flavor. It’s completely from nature and contains no additives or preservatives. The active ingredient is found in the skin of the fruit, there is a substantial amount of a natural substance called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which inhibits fat mass and fat creation in humans.

The Gummi-Gutta Fruit
Gummi-Gutta, which is also known as Garcinia, is a very versatile fruit that that is native to Indonesia and also seen in other South and South East Asian countries. Other common names it is known by is the Brindleberry, the Malabar tamarind or the Kudam Puli. The fruit is closely related to the Clusiaceae plant family. The size of the fruit can be anything from the size of an orange to a grapefruit and has deep verticle lobes and a thin skin. The color of the fruit can differ considerably as when it is dried for use and storage it can turn to a dark brown or black.

The fried version of the fruit is used in the preparation of food and in some parts of southern India, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka they use the term Groraka to identify the dried version of the fruit. It is seen in many dishes that have a sour taste. Since the fruit when dried can be very sour and is said to activate digestion too. In Sri Lanka, it is used to make a fish curry that is very popular.The fruit is also used on a commercial scale for fish curing in countries like Sri Lanka.

The fruit is also used to make many formes of Ayurvedic medication. It is often ground into a paste and mixed with other herbs and used as an oral medication to treat stomach and digestive tract problems. The Gummi Gutta fruit contains a naturally forming Compound that is said to aid in weight loss and because of its natural properties do not have any adverse effects on those ingesting the fruit in dried or any form.

It is a Naturally occurring compound and is the Active ingredient in Pure Cambogia Ultra.

hhcaHCA has many advantages to a person’s health and among them is weight loss. It works as an appetite suppressant by giving people the feeling that they are full. The reason for this is because HCA stimulates the production of Serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a hormone that regulates our moods and how we feel. Normally when a person feels content and happy, they do not feel like eating. Further, it also works to burn the stored fat in the body.

To give you a better idea about Serotonin let us explore it a bit further.

What is Serotonin?
It is a chemical that is manufactured in the brain, and it works as a neurotransmitter to deliver signals from one area of your brain to another. This chemical though primarily manufactured in the brain, the bulk of its supply (about 90%) is found in the digestive tract and the platelets in a person’s blood.

The production of serotonin takes place during a biochemical conversion process. It makes use of a protein building component called tryptophan which when combined with the chemical reactor tryptophan hydroxylase forms Serotonin or 5-hydroxytryptamine.

What does Serotonin do?
Because Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, it conveys messages between different areas in the brain. Due to the widespread distribution of these cells it is known to affect many physiological and phycological functions. In fact, this is why Serotonin is called the mood hormone. If you do not have enough, you feel down and demotivated but if you have adequate quantities of it you will feel happy, satisfied and upbeat.

What if you do not have enough Serotonin?
There is research that an imbalance in this neurotransmitter can be cause for depression. It leads to people going on binges whether it is drinking or eating excessively. However, when there are adequate quantities a person will not get to that stage and can feel good. Therefore, it is always good to keep your Serotonin levels in check by using a supplement that can promote the production of this mood-regulating hormone.

Can a diet or supplement increase the levels of serotonin?
Even though there is not food or supplement that can directly increase the levels of this hormone, there are supplements that can help produce more of tryptophan which is the amino acid from which serotonin is made.

Potassium and Magnesium

The addition of these minerals is important in creating clinical strength. These minerals raise a slow metabolism. This makes it possible to burn calories even when resting. They help curb cravings and suppress appetite. Intake of these minerals helps muscle cells and liver cells store adequate glucose. Therefore, they reduce hunger and cravings for food. Magnesium helps keep bones strong, heart rhythm steady, and blood pressure normal. Potassium helps replace fluids, which are lost by diuretics.


Calcium also known as Glucaric acid and improves the effectiveness of weight loss supplements. It helps your body burn fat. This mineral is vital for healthy bones and reduces the risk of fractures. It also offers protection against certain cancers. It eliminates cancer-causing agents, steroid hormones, and toxins from the body.

Calcium is used to treat many other health conditions. It is often used to control the levels of Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorous in a person’s blood.

There has been good evidence that calcium is useful to prevent or control high blood pressure and PMS. The group of people who are normally at high risk of suffering from calcium deficiency are women who are postmenopausal. The food that normally contains calcium in high quantities is dairy products. Therefore, people who are Vegan and Lactose intolerant are also at the risk of suffering calcium deficiency.

It is, therefore, a good idea to take calcium as a supplement as it is needed when you want to cleanse, lose weight and have a well-balanced body and good health.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids are very important in toning and sculpting the body. They play a significant role in building blocks of protein, repair and building muscle.

The ultimate result is that a person will burn more fat than they take in. The basic principle of weight loss is to burn more than you consume, and HCA helps a person do that.

The fruit is common in Asian countries but for those who live in other areas of the world they do not have to go through the trouble of getting the fruit. It is conveniently available in a pill form. The product is available in many countries. If you are looking to reduce your weight and want to do it naturally, Pure Cambogia Ultra is the best options for you.

The pills contain 60% HCA and has been shown to be effective with no side effects. Do not use chemicals that can harm your body.

What’s all the Buzz About?

1a-before-and-after-weight-loss-successResearch conducted by leading health journals have shown that people taking Pure Cambogia Ultra have lost a whopping 13kg in ONLY 28 days without changing their regular routines.

It has been shown to increase metabolism, promoting overall weight loss so your body burn calories more quickly and efficiently. It also has other added benefits of decreasing cholesterol levels and improving overall levels of energy.

It’s one thing to read about the buzz and a whole other thing to experience it! It was an easy decision once I had all the facts. The two step system I outline below changed my life and I hope it will change yours too. It’s your decision and the best gift you can give yourself.


How the Two Step System of Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse Worked For Me

After hearing these strong recommendations as an easy effective weight loss solution and discovering the amazing results that people struggling with losing weight just like me have had using Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse I couldn’t wait until my own shipment arrived to get started on the simple 2 step program.

The best thing about this combination of Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure life Cleanse is that they are both made with natural ingredients. They do not contain synthetic and harmful chemicals like many other products on the market.

Many products on the market are put together through chemical synthesis. These products though approved by the relevant government authorities in some cases are harmful to the human body. If you have a choice, it is always better to go with natural products that consist of ingredients that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries.  Some people may be able to lose weight with these products with different results. But since they are natural will not harm you.

If you consider how much pollution and contaminates, our body has to deal with on a daily basis, the last thing you want is to put in more chemicals in your body. The best this about using Pure Life Cleanse with Pure Cambogia Ultra is that it is made with natural herbs like Acai Berry, Flax Seed Powder, Senna Leaf and Licorice Root. These natural herbs have been around for centuries, and people used them to treat issues pertaining to the digestive tract. The herbs were used to treat stomach ulcers, promote better digestion and help the body absorb more nutrients from the food that we eat. How could I ever pass up the opportunity to cleanse my body naturally.

Less than a week after starting to take the supplements I was ALREADY seeing results!! I felt great, I had more energy and most importantly my pants were already fitting better. Seeing results so quickly was very motivating. I wanted to stick to the program to see what would happen in a month.

It was the easiest process I could imagine. The suppplement did all the work!

It worked naturally in my body to inhibit my appetite, without leaving me feeling hungry. In fact, I felt more energy each day I kept taking the supplement and doing the cleanse to follow up.

plcsI liked the idea of following the supplement with a cleanse. In this Pure Life Cleanse review i explain that it was an excellent way for my body to get rid of the toxins that had built up over the years. I actually felt “cleaner” after doing the flush. I didn’t realize that it’s important to clean out your body from the inside sometimes – just like it’s important to take a shower to keep your body feeling and smelling fresh.

I’m thankful that Pure Cambogia Ultra includes the FREE cleanse. It’s a dynamic, effective system which works together:

First the natural supplement kick starts my metabolism giving my body the boost it needs and then they include the Pure Life Cleanse for free to complete the whole body transformation to truly give me a fresh new start.

I’m happy to share my story with you. I understand the struggles of bouncing around from diet to diet and the emotional toll that takes. I hope you’ll be motivated to change your life like I did. This is a a risk-free high reward opportunity that’s as simple as one-click away.


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  1. I will soon be moving to Indonesia and i will order once i am there. I was wondering if i will be able to order.

  2. I tried this product some months ago and got great results so now i came back to reorder.

    • Hey Gloria, we do not know where in South Africa you could buy it but you can order it online.

    • Hello Marika,

      We don’t know where you can buy this product in Dubai. But you can buy online from this website.

  3. I have read and heard really good things about this product. I really cant wait to see my results after i start using it.

    • Sorry Tanya, we do not know where you find these products in Dubai.
      You can buy it online.

    • Hi Erica,

      You can order and the product online and it will be shipped to your address.

    • Yes John you can. It is actually better using both products at the same time are you will get a better result.

    • Hi Veronica,

      You do not have to take both products but by taking both you will see better results.

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